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  1. Focal Aria 936

    OK - jutro jadę do urzedu .
  2. Focal Aria 936

    Głośniki kupiłem we Francji ,a mieszkam w Szkocji problem będzie zgłoszony do najbliższego Citizens Advice Scotland
  3. Focal Aria 936

    Jestem posiadaczem Aria 936 krotko nacieszyłem się nimi bo zauważyłem na membranach kilka pęknięć . focal w odpowiedzi na emaila pisze ze tak ma byc ( nie wierze ) jest to dla mnie ignorowanie klienta. Odpowiedz Focal In RESPOND to your email. You do not have has absolutely no reason to worry about the quality of its products. The Observed differences are not flaws are quite normal, we would even say the "essence" of this range. Complitly normal! The same principle of composite sandwich membrane FLAX (linseed in Angielski) ARIA is a linen fabric Precisely core sandwiched between two sheets of glass (glass fabric and glass mat). As is well-known for clothes, the structure of a linen weave is typically still very uncertain. It is Precisely this feature allows audio That absence of resonance frequency marked by Authorizing despite the extreme rigidity, an almost perfect damping. In all cases, a linen weaving present this aspect can of course be more or less pronounced According to the same piece of fabric. The appearance of a membrane Flax does not: affect the sound reproduction; Flax each Focal membrane undergoes control at every stage of manufacture. After final assembly of the speaker will be individually measured as the enclosure will then complete. It's this end, Regardless of the appearance of weaving, the performance of ARIA speakers are strictly guaranteed.