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  1. Although I said I will not write but just read, I could not resist It was an exceptional honor to host colleagues from Poland. The only drawback of such a meeting is too little time,so Maciek had no chance to see Ali Baba's cave and my service room (Maciek, you should just ask ) They carried their own CD's, which are reproduced by Marantz CD14 connected to B/C-2302 set by balanced cable.Thus,whole system is fully balanced.Both cables (XLR's and speakers cable) are made by Tara Labs,and speakers are Harbeth SHL-5. When they ended up with their demonstration,then we try out Pioneer streamer with Berkeley Alpha DAC and some my albums Amazing is how despite the different musical genres we have,there is at least one common we share...Sansui. Guys, it was a pleasure to hang out with you...till next time
  2. In the light of recent events,I would like to explain something (once again, apologies to you boss ) Due to obligations, I have no so much time to visit Sansui forums anymore,but here I stop by on a weekly basis. And one day something surprised me. I understood the point of the whole situation about 2 Polish forums. The same situation happened in almost every forum (German, Croatian...etc) I am into the Sansui theme for almost 10 years. Met a lot of people, many of them are highly educated (professors, doctors...), but at the same time, it is surprising how many haters Sansui have too (psychologists could write a dissertation about it). My story was written many times, on many forums, and I know that hard core Sansui fans read it ,but for those on the other side, here it is: here I can assure you that your forum is read world wide (do not have doubts about ), and the reason for not many people joining is the language barrier (and all those haters). Guys, you're doing a great job ... and keep it up that way. And at the end, what we all love ... a few pictures: regards from Croatia PS-tnx Piotr
  3. thank you....but only impressive is how I can be stubborn and insane and do the crazy moves when Sansui matter as I they are...JBL 4311b Pozdrawiam
  4. Tnx guys...1111 looks royal indeed. At the beginning of my Sansui journey,I have had gorgeous WLM Diva monitor drived by Almarro A318B and Cd Marantz SA-8003. I had a feeling that with that speakers,from all of my Sansui amp,AU-11000A is the best match (applies to CA/BA-2000 too). Still have Sansui SP-100i..and back then,this speakers was better match with G receiver...or 1111MV. I tried a certain number other speakers (KEF's,Dynaudio's,B&W 804 D,...).. but I was not satisfied with the sound. After several tries, I ended up with Harbeth SHL-5 (good eye A_ndy).All Sansui amps sounds just right with SHL5...1111MV especially. A_ndy ,except some JBL L60,( although for a long time I have L15 in my basement boxed) I have no other experiences with JBL....maybe at the end of this week,a nice pair of 4311b will be here....just to get the impression of real JBL sound at that time. Speakin'of CD,8003 was a nice one,but it seams to me that Sansui CDX 701 was better when connected balanced to 1111. At the moment,Marantz CD-14 is in use,so the whole system is balanced. Workin' at comp audio, based on Mytek a couple months...hope so. RoRo,you asked about what model I play most often.... no free time lately.... hard to them all...but for the past year...2302 set and one for the good night: Pozdrawiam
  5. Hi guys, thanks for the welcome. Just for the info,my Sansui trip lasted several years,...from big G receivers (G7000,G9000,G901,G22000),definition/professional serie (CA/BA-2000,3000,AU-9900A/11000A...),some other stuff (AU-317,517/717/719/919,X1,CA/BA-F1...) up to late model of 1111MV.There was a lot of tuners too (TU-217/317/517/717/719/919/9900...),tape decks,TT's...etc. So,as you can see, I'm a great fan of Sansui...and it is not surprising that I found your forum. At the end of my journey,last year,2302 set came home...and that's it and one old photo: regards to all,
  6. After a few months of lurking, I have some free time yesterday and registered at your lovely forum. Because of the language barrier I will not write, instead that, I enjoy your writing and photos. I believe I have met some of you at other places (forums,fb...etc). You are doing a good job...please continue. Greetings to all from Croatia, Robert
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