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  1. Hello, Picked up my first turntable numark tt500. I connected it to my old 4-channel mixer better dj-5c (I only know about it without phantom amplification) and I can't hear the music from the turntable in the speakers. I don't have any amplifier or preamplifier. I have aiwa tower connected to the mixer. You can deduce from what I wrote why I can't hear music? It's the fault that I don't have a preamplifier, or maybe something with the turntable is not what it should be? I followed the turntable according to the instructions, along with the use of common sense, it is also made well. The needle irritates me a little. The effect of this bend may be the lack of any sound in the speakers? thanks iosman
  2. Hello, I have an ext in ext out connector in the amplifier, they are used to support a power amplifier or graphic equalizer. If anyone knows, maybe he would write how to connect it. thanks iosman
  3. Hello, I have a request. I have read so much about these mantas that now I am thinking of buying a Manta stereo tube system. And my question in relation to which mantas to buy? Which set in terms of cost-effectiveness I mean sound quality would be the best in my case. I have a small room of 10m2 and I like musical sopranos as well as Jazz. I consider; Manta Oberon, V3, V5, V7. And one more question, whether a good dvd is enough for the drive or a CD will be better. thanks iosman
  4. Hi, At the outset I would like to point out that I am a beginner when it comes to turntables and my knowledge of them is quite poor. The problem is that when I start the turntable, move the arm, the disc starts spinning, but when I release the arm (over the record), the turntable stops working. Do you know what this can be due to? I will point out that the turntable does not have a head installed temporarily. I also do not know what happened with this equipment before, because I dug it out at a friend's in the attic, and she also did not know in what condition it was. thanks iosman
  5. Hello, I have a DJ Tech Vinyl 5 turntable. I would like to connect it to a computer. I bought the appropriate cables, i.e. 2Chinch-2Chinch and 2Chinch-MiniJack. I also bought the RIAA preamplifier.After connecting in the headphones I heard a horrible continuous buzzing. I thought the 2chinch-2chinch cable was suspicious because I bought it for PLN 5, so what are you talking about? The next day I bought a decent new cable. The humming has dropped by about half, but it still occurs. Yesterday I fought with it all day and came to the conclusion that the power supply will also be guilty. When I put my ear to it, you can hear a similar buzzing like in headphones. Today I got a non-power supply. I connected to the preamplifier, the buzz minimally dropped but still occurs. What's interesting, if I connect the turntable in order: gramophone ---> preamplifier ---> the tower is hardly audible. You have to really report a lot to hear them. I installed the drivers on the computer and continued the same. Ideas are over. There is also the case that in my room the sockets do not have a grounding pin. I noticed something like that. If everything is connected as it should be, I hear a buzzing in the headphones and if I pull the plug from the turntable out of the socket and touch it with the chinch screen, the humming falls by half. So it's probably something with grounding. My question is how to do it in my situation? I have a GND screw in the turntable, but in the preamplifier there is no indicated place where it would be possible to give ground. thanks iosman
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