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Revox Agora B Mk II


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There is a pair of EXTREMELY RARE Revox Agora B Mk II speakers for sale in Brno, Czech Republic.

These are so-called "active" speakers, which means that you only need a pre-amplifier to play them because each of them contain three built-in power amps with the total output of 400 W. The speakers are 3-way with two bass drivers working as push-pull.
They come in mahogany finish.

The speakers are in a perfect condition, both optically and technically. I would say mint. Year 1990, serial numbers 211 and 212.

I am willing to meet the buyer on some reasonable place, maybe on the Czech-German border, no need to come all the way to Brno. Or an international dispatch can be arranged using a shipping company (DHL, UPS...), but the buyer must pay the shipping expenses. Personal collection is preferred, though.

Some pictures are here:

The price is set to 10 000 PLN but discussion is welcome.

Should anyone be interested, please write me an e-mail to

Best regards,

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