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"ESA Speakers" and "Hi End Corner" problems. Bad experience


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Hello, I'm a Spanish hifi customer. The last june, I bought ESA Continuum XXV speakers in a poland store; "Hi End Corner". An online purchase.

I have had problems with "Hi End Corner" ( and "ESA Speakers Company" ( The ESA Continuum XXV speakers have a defect on woofer or a desing defect, you can heard a strange sound in the bass sound, it happens in some songs. Within 10 days of the purchase, I asked the store for a return money or exchange for other speakers (within the legal timeframe of 14 days). Before I made the purchase, i contacted with "Hi End Corner" and they said me that if I wasn't satisfied or the speakers don't playing in my mood they'll return the money. "Hi End Corner" cheated me. "Hi End Corner" refused to return my money, and also they refused to change other product.

I filed a lawsuit in the court and an European Consumer Centres complaint with "Hi End Corner" and after many months of sending emails. The last august they accepted a change for another product. I decided to change the ESA Continuum XXV model for the ESA Triton 1 model and Cocktail Audio X30 device. I knew the ESA Triton 1 model because it was the speaker that I had previously and it worked very well.

The last october my new ESA Triton 1 and CocktailAudio X30 device came to my home, after much insisting to "Hi End Corner" and "ESA Speakers Company" for the change. But again there were problems:

1) After the first listenings, I discovered that one of the woofer was damaged and it sounded bad. I contacted (email) "ESA Speakers Company" and "Hi End Corner" to repair the woofer but "ESA Speakers Company" never answered my emails and "Hi End Corner" only answered once, they answered that my amplifier had broken the woofer!!

2) The CocktailAudio X30 device was used or secondhand. The packing box seemed to have been manipulated, the screen of the device didn't have the original protector and the feet of the device had protective felts that aren't original.

Tired and desperate I bought two peerles woofers (Peerless 830883) and i replaced the new woofers. The result was that my ESA triton 1 sounded great with the new woofers. The cost of the new woofers was 179 EUR. "ESA Speakers Company" never responded or offered to repair the woofer and they would have to pay me the money but I know they will never pay me.

When removing the defective peerless Woofers I saw something that I did not like: the damaged woofers had serial numbers different and non-consecutive, you can see in the photos.It is very unprofessional!

Since last October I am still waiting for the purchase invoice (ESA triton 1 and Cocktail Audio X30). I have sent many emails to "Hi End Corner" for the invoice, but they aren't reply my emails and Whatsapss.

Has anyone had problems with Hiend Corner and ESA Company?
Is ESA Company making defective and poorly designed models?

I think that the error of the ESA Continuum XXV loudspeakers is a bad calculation of the enclosure and it produced an overexcursion of the woofer in any songs

Now I enjoy my ESA Triton 1 and the speakers plays properly after i changed the woofers (Peerless Factura.pdf)


All this is described in another polish forum (

Peerless Fail.jpg

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Last month, "4Hifi" solved the problem correctly. They sent me a totally new CocktailAudio X30 device, and they refunded the shipping cost money. Very professional and a good job. Thank you Jan and "4Hifi".

The good work and treatment from "4Hifi" is better than "Hi End Corner" and "ESA Company Speakers", these companies don't solve the problems and don't reply emails. I was desesperated and I had to repair the newly purchased damaged speaker (ESA Triton 1) as well as the erroneous and nefarious design of the ESA Continuum XXV model. "Hi End Corner" and Michał Gogulski as director of this importing company haven't worked well, they don't give solutions and haven't yet sent me the purchase invoice. It is shameful!

Mr. Michał Gogulski: When are you going to send me the purchase invoice for ESA Triton 1 and Cocktail audio X30?

Mr. Andrzej Zawada (ESA Speakers): When will you pay me the repair cost of the woofers?
Mr: Andrzej Zawada, as you know this is the third purchase that I have problems with you and your ESA company:

1 ESA Triton1 purchased in Spain: You sent some speakers with wrong finish color and it took you 10 months to replace with other speakers with the correct color.

2 ESA Continuum XXV bought in Poland: problems with noise and distortions in the woofers (poor design of the cabinet and speakers?)

3 ESA Triton 1 replacements of the previous and defective ESA Continuum XXV. These ESA triton 1 arrived with damaged woofer

Is this your way of working with your clients ?, Obviously I will never buy again a ESA Speakers products. 

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I already have sent emails to ESA Speakers and they don't deign to replay emails, on the other hand HiEndCorner doesn't replay emails either, I want HiEnd Corner to send me the purchase invoice and they do not respond.

I don't know if it's because I'm from another country, Had any Polish customers problems with these companies? 

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Hola, compré los controladores de altavoces incomparables (adjunte la factura de compra), porque la empresa de ESA y Hi End Corner se negaron a repararlo o resolver el problema. Una vez reparados, los parlantes suenan perfectamente hasta hoy. Hasta el día de hoy, Hi End Corner, todavía no me envía la factura de compra para ESA Triton 1 y Cocktail audio X30. Muestro las imágenes con el cambio de woofers (lo hice yo mismo), los altavoces suenan perfectamente hasta hoy.







IMG_20171231_214120 - copia.jpg


Peerless Factura - copia.png

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