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New owner of Grundig Fine Arts V3


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Hi there,

I am from Romania and this forum is the only one I find where are serious discussion about Grundig Fine Arts V3, even there are old topics.

I just buy an used piece trying to improve the music listening and I need some help for speakers.

A short descriptio with what i have:

- an Onkyo 609 AVR with Magnat 5.0 (MMS2002 as front) for movies is ok

- an DIY player based on Moode plus Khadas Tone Board as DAC

- Onkyo DV-SP504E as CD player.

Location is a 28 sqm, (4x7) the front speakers are on 4 side of the room, too close to corner as I cannot change furniture.

I want to keep Actual set-up for movies and make another one for music (which generally is old one, nothing too new, but all types) based on FA3.

I want to buy used speakers which mach with amplifier, lets say 100 euro.

Can you recommend something?

If there are topics where discussed please point me to.

Thank you. 

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