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Theater Design and Layout


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I'm currently in the process of building a 7.2.4 home-theater surround system. Looking for some assistance and thoughts on the room design and layout.

Dimensions: Length – 215 Inches, Breadth – 141 Inches, Height – 104 Inches

The entrance to the room is at the bottom right, and the rear of the room opens out into a balcony; there are thick glass doors and double layer curtains at the rear. See attached andmages for layout.

The intention is to setup 2 rows of seats. The first row and primary seating position will be a 3-seater, and the row behind will be a 2-seater; which will need to be on a riser. The first row of seating will be 108 inches from the screen, or 9 feet. The screen will be a 135 inch projector screen attached to the wall.

As illustrated in the picture, the Front Left & Right, Center and Dual-sub will at the front; with the front towers at the edges at a slight tow-in, then the subs, and the center in the middle. Surround and Rear speakers along the seating as indicated in the illustration. The Atmos speakers are not pictured, but the intention is to place them as per the Dolby guidance.

The roof is concrete, and not a false ceiling. Would like to look at installing a partial false-ceiling, which would aid with ceiling mounting for the projector, as well as in-ceiling Atmos speakers.  


Need assistance with regard to the interior design/carpentry work? Any suggestions in Warsaw?

Will need to look at a partial false ceiling, a riser for the second row of seating, equipment shelves for the receiver and HTPC, and fixing some acoustic paneling.

Any thoughts on the layout?

For the furniture I'm looking at regular entertainment room couches from IKEA, such as the Lidhult.

IKEA Lidhult Entertainment Sofa 3 Seater

Any feedback on the IKEA Lidhult or suggestions on optional furniture?

For the speakers and the equipment, I have visited Audio Forum (a Denon store) in Westfield Arkadia, and Media Centrum in Bemowo.

Any suggestions of audio stores?

The setup will be built around a Denon 3700H receiver. The front towers are Polk Audio Signature series S50 speakers, the subs are Polk Audio HTS12 subs, and the read speakers are Yamaha NS-E55 speakers. The intention is to purchase Polk Audio Signature series S10 or S15 studio monitors for the surrounds, a Klipsch R34C for the center, and Polk Audio OWM3 or Polk Audio RC60i in-ceiling speakers for Atmos.


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